I've tried many things already.  Now I share some of them with you.
(many are still far to painful :)

(enjoy the sound)

I was trying some 45deg stuff. Worked very well for getting through trees and buildings.


This test tower is made from a plow disk with 1 1/2" muffler pipe welded to it. That has a nut welded to a hole in it and a bolt goes through that to clamp down on the 1 1/4" pipe inside. Overall hight is about 15'.



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900 MHz demo (www.waverider.com)






WiFi hotspot in a cow pasture! This took about 4 hours to set up including hauling the trailer out there.

Speeds are great even though it's the 4th hop out.  This was installed to provide live race results and

local participant use for the Stump Jumpers Desert 100 dirt bike race.




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