On 5-18-2003 we were hit HARD with interference.
A check of the area showed that Inland Cellular had put in a 2.4 gig link, probably WMUX from the looks of it.  A quick call to them confirmed the hardware in use.

I changed channel plans and was able to get a number of customers back up.

The next day they had a technician on site in the afternoon.
He turned the power way down on their stuff.

Here's what we saw at the ap AFTER he turned his gear down:

I don't have one from before, but that's better on the top half than it was from the ground at my main tower before they did that.  The lower half is still really bad, even though his end was about 30 miles away.  Hmmmmm, not making sense.

From Herman's looking north to the inland tower I got this:

Looking South:

YUCK!  But wait, the other end of the Inland Cellular link should be further east.  Hmmmm, time to go hunting for interference some more.

I found this at a customer's place:

Youch!!!!  Anyone care to explain how an 802.11b radio could have done that?

Turned that off and got this at the main wpop omni:

MUCH better!

The funky radio got unplugged and when I got back out there with a spectrum analyzer (sure glad I bought that $35,000 too!!!!  sheesh) and plugged it back in it ran fine (a 5 minute power cycle didn't fix it the first time...).  I've got it back on and will watch it. I'm hoping it'll mess up again so that I can get a pic or two for y'all.

Teletronics CPE radio with either XI-300 or Lucent card in it.