Stupid WISP Tricks

Sigh....Sectored antenna for a customer install!! Some people's kids! At least they won't be around long. Look at those weather tight connections!


This company's tower is set up the same way, weather sealing and all. I'd have told them about it but they "no showed" me when we were supposed to take a look at what they were doing and what we were doing so we could coordinate.


I have a ceiling fan in which the flywheel broke. Unfortunately, the 12 ft step ladder wouldn't reach the mounting, as this fan is installed in a room with a 22 ft ceiling. So what did I do? Get the  extension ladder and bungee cord it to the step ladder. It's a  strange feeling climbing an extension ladder that's not leaning  against something at the top. I got the fan down OK. Hopefully it  will go back up as uneventfully later this week.  BTW, as I got above the step ladder, the whole thing did start to tip forward, so my wife was standing on the bottom rung, to hold it in  place.--Barry W2UP

(Note:  I am not nuts enough to do this!--Marlon)


Clever way to recycle!?!


Notice the high quality weather proofing on the conduit (doesn't matter) but not on the antenna cables (does matter).