Software Definable Radio Forum


Marlon Schafer and I were invited to take part in the Software Definable Radio Forum in Washington DC last week (see attached photo).  It was a very interesting couple of days as we learned and discussed Cognitive and Software Defined Radio Technologies that are currently being researched and discussed  by manufacturers and the FCC.  I will say that I believe that the future is bright for the Wireless Industry and that our real world expertise will add credit to these ongoing discussions.   

We had lunch with an employee from Intel on Tuesday.  He is looking for WISPA to help him lobby some efforts Intel has to develop some new exciting technology.  Marlon and I need to follow up with him and see if he will consider joining the WISPA mailing list to discuss his platform.  Unfortunately, our request for funding help in this lobbying effort did not appear to be fruitful.  Nevertheless, it is a goal we should have more discussion on.  We were also contacted by another Intel employee yesterday to take part in a series of teleconferences to stimulate interest at the FCC for approval of Unlicensed use of the Television White spaces NPRM.  This teleconference will include different associations and businesses that have an interest in supporting this NPRM.  I applaud Intel for attempting too bring this group together for a common good. 

Software Defined Radios and Cognitive Radios were the topic of this forum.  We participated with Intel, Motorola, Verizon and many others.  There were representatives there from Japan, Australia, England, Germany and Canada to name a few.  Many of these representatives were FCC equivalents in those countries.  There were also no fewer than 5-6 FCC representatives at the forum.  This new technology has the potential to revolutionize how RF communications of all kinds will be done in the future.   

I too came home to a flood of new projects and I'm scrambling to get caught up.  I can tell you that getting involved in the politics of WISPA and my state government is definitely bringing business to my doorstep.  I can't stress this enough as many of you consider getting more involved.  It takes a lot of work, but it is a rewarding experience.   

I would like to thank the board for voting to send Marlon and I to Washington.  It is all made possible through the funds contributed by our membership.  Keep stressing the importance of joining WISPA throughout the other lists.  The more help we get, the easier all of our efforts will become. 

Thank you,

Rick Harnish
OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.