One of my customers and I built a 40 ft tower that we erected on a ridge behind his house.  It is kind of cool , we tipped it up in place with the cable winch on a dozer and my bucket for a safety until it popped vertical.  It has a sled that we can lower that has both antennas and the radio attached.  Kind of a fun project. I wish someone would make a good 180 deg Horiz Pol antenna with some down tilt.  It would be for these type applications that sit on the side of a hill.

Copy by Cooter Pictures by Pattianne

This is a step by step procedure for installing
a pigtail on a Orinoco type card.

Start by inserting a thin screwdriver and twist.

Hold open with thumb pressure and prop open so it doesn't snap back shut.

Flip card around and pry that side open.
Continue to release the cover from the
lower rail on both sides.

Prop open the other side so it doesn't snap back closed. Squeeze both sides and pry the cover at the point shown. This releases the cover from the connector.

With your right hand lift and "wiggle the cover" up and down while applying forward pressure
on the raised portion of the cover with your left thumb .

The little antenna wings might get caught and bent .
This shoulden't be a problem as they will be cut off anyway.

Cover removed

Remove 1st antenna

Remove 2nd antenna

I remove the antennas because they are resonate to the freqs. we are working with. I don't want to take any chances that they could cause any "loose coupled interaction" with the active compenents.

Unsolder Connector

Don't Forget To Unsolder the Feed Point

Prep Cable. Trim and "tin" with solder.

Feed Through old connector hole in cover before preping.

Scrape the Conformal coating (Make sure it isn't cracked) Makes a larger/ stronger pad to solder to.

Soldered Connection
"Keep it short at the feed point"

End view of finished connection.

Secure and re-enforce with hot glue.

Reassemble step 1 Guide the tabs into the rails from the front.

At the tip of the Tyewrap is a little post. There is one on each side that will hang up on the edge of the PC board. Pry it out of the way as you slide the cover back in place.

Watch the white plastic tab on the opposite side also as it needs to be positioned under the cover as everything slides together.

Bend the tabs up a bit as you slide the cover into it's final closed position. Press from the end and it will snap back together.

Finished Project.

Hope this helps someone.

If you have any problems email