Connectors...Right Way...Wrong Way

Right way. Lots of room around the connector. Too bad the rest of the box is so ungainly large.

Sorry about the focus, or lack there of. But you get the idea. It would be better if there were more room between the radio and the connector. A round radio side connector would be better too, the tape flows into the gap and makes removal later very difficult.

The bracket can be removed so this one is not impossible, only difficult to get right.

Notice the ridge on the case. That gives us a much better point of seal. If that ridge wasn't there and the connector was this close to the case I'd not buy them, impossible to get a good seal.

The discoloration is from the old days of heat shrink sealing. In cold weather it's hard to get it warm enough to put on or take off. And the glue gets hard and any flex at all will allow water to wick into the connector. It took years but all of the units we heat shrunk failed.

Same manufacturer. Two different units. Notice the way the mounting bracket was done.

There is just no way to get a couple of wraps of tape in there.

Ideally, that's how much room we need between the connector and anything else when it's weather sealing time. A better solution would be a cover of some kind that would allow us to push the cable through and not have to deal with the taping! I keep asking Times Microwave to give me a self sealing connector. So far, no luck.