Plaintree Emergency Fiber Replacement

Below are some pictures that I received from my friend Edward W. Suor, Managing Director VPN Systems, Inc. who did this emergency install at a state agency in Albany, NY.

Side A
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Side A is the main office side. The WB600 on Side A is inside a belfry that had gobs of other RF gear (mostly 2.4 GHz stuff) shooting through the windows.

Side B
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Side B is 80' directly across the street and about 35' above the mounting elevation for Side A. It's mounted outdoors and pointed down from new office space that they were moving into. My friend got this job because his was the only party that could meet the 8/12 "drop dead date", which was necessary because Verizon (ILEC) told them that their fiber would not be ready, with less than two weeks to go before the move. Nice huh?