Outstanding customer service! Locally owned! Please feel free to call and talk to our friendly staff. We welcome questions about our services and rates and can check your wireless/fiber availability.

All our internet services come with 5 email accounts and a personal website ability (www.odessaoffice.com/members/"your name here") you would maintain.

Other than tracking data usage for billing purposes, we do not data mine (snoop, steal, or track your online activity).

No contract hassles! You can discontinue service at anytime ($10.00/reconnect fee).

We have a customer referral program! Get a free month of basic service after a customer actually has our service and is in good standings. Make sure they know to tell us you referred them.


To get our service you will need to have a clear line of site to one of our access points. Click here to view map for available service.Or call us to verify line of site with your address.

Wireless Equipment/install fees: - $100.00 - $300.00 (plus tax) One year warranty.
Price depends on service, location, and size of radio. All service plans available except 50/50 plan.

New! 50/50 Plan equipment/install fee: - $149.95 (plus tax). One time installation fee! Not compatible with other plans including GCPUD Wireless. With the 50/50 plan we maintain the equipment (does not include wireless router). For $50.00 a month you get 50 Gigabytes/month.

Equipment fee does not include a wireless router. We do have them for sale as well as any store with computer equipment.

Monthly Service Plan


Bandwidth Threshold

Basic Plan 1 (Lincoln County fee)


25 GB

Basic Plan 2 (Grant County fee)


35 GB

NEW! 50/50 Plan

(one time install fee $149.95)

$50.00 50 GB
GCPUD Wireless $51.00 300GB (10mb speed limit)

Gaming Plan


75 GB

Entertainment Plan
(includes traffic prioritization)
$100.00 100 GB

All plans have a monthly usage threshold and overage fees may be applied. $5.00/gig overage fee.
Unlimited is not available but we have larger plans to suit your needs (not applicable on the 50/50 plan) we have an email notification that goes out at 75% of your data plan and a way for you to track your usage.

Average (light to moderate user) usage is about 6 to 15 GB's/month (this is data usage not speeds).

Speeds - We do not choke speeds and depending on your location and type of equipment you can see speeds up to 20 Mbps up and down. This does not include GCPUD Wireless they limit to 10mbps.
2.4 radios see speeds up to 8 Mbps and typically are around 4 to 6 Mbps up and down. Prices range from $150.00 - $250 (depends on distance).
5gig radios see speeds up to 20 Mbps and typically are around 8 to 15 Mbps up and down. Prices range from $200 - $300 (depends on distnace).
Speeds vary and it depends on the location and equipment.

Point to Point option - If we are unable to see your location from any of our access points but you can see a customer of ours we can possibly set up an access point directly to your location from there location if all parties agree (new customer is responsible for contacting current customer) and the cost is anywhere from $600.00 - $800.00 (depends on equipment needed). Call for more information.

Business Plans start at $125.00/mo - equipment costs run the same but we have more data, tech support, and traffic prioritization. Call for more information.

Odessa Office Equipment 509 982-2181 M-F 9-3.
We welcome your questions!


FIBER Basic: Grant and Douglas County: - $51.00/mo Virtually Unlimited (300GB bandwidth threshold)

FIBER Priority Plan: Grant County: - $75.00/mo Virtually Unlimited (400GB bandwidth threshold)Douglas County Fiber Priority call for more info.

Gateway Box fee: Grant County - $55.00 / Douglas County $150.00
(one time charge if one is not already installed at residence or business)

INSTALLATION FEE $100.00 for all GCPUD services. If it requires extra cable or special circumstances then more fees may be applied.

Speeds average 50 - 80 MB's up and down.

GCPUD WIRELESS: $51.00/mo Virtually Unlimited (300GB bandwidth threshold) speeds maxed at 10mbps.

To see if you qualify for Fiber you can go to www.grantpud.org or www.douglaspud.org and search your address. Or call GCPUD 509 766-2505.

We welcome questions, please call for more information. 509 982-2181M-F 9-3


Residential rate: - $30.00
Business rate: - $50.00

Set up fee: $100.00 (comes with adapter but you will need your own phone and router)

Comes with - 3000 minutes of North American long distance, caller id, call waiting, call forwarding and voice mail.
We welcome questions, please call for more information. 509 982-2181M-F 9-3



If your computer is running slow or you need a new one give our friendly staff a call. We can help!

Hourly Rates


In Shop - $75.00/hour (15% discount for our Internet Customers).

On Site - $100.00/hour (15% discount for our Internet Customers) within 50 miles (mileage fees may be applied over 50 miles).


One Time Services


PC Purchase and Setup Plan - $149.95

New pc order and setup. This includes installation of your provided software, Microsoft updates, antivirus, email installation, and printer drivers. Some software can add billable time to the plan.


PC File Move Plan - $169.95

Transfer your old files to your new pc. Includes installation of your sofware and printer drivers (up to four hours in shop labor).



Annual Computer Support Plans


Basic Plan - $99.95/Year

Includes initial PC checkup, antivirus program, and up to three hours of remote or in shop support (15 minute minimum time charge per call).


Premium Plan - $149.95/Year

Includes all Basic Plan features plus monthly pro-active checkup and malware scan.



Free PC Quicklook

We will take a quick look at your machine for common problems (10 minute maximum).
This will help determine if you need further computer repair work or not. This service is available via remote access or in shop from 9am to 12pm.
Appointments are based on a first come first serve basis, please call to schedule.


Anti-Virus only (no computer support) $34.99 on 1st computer.  $18.95 ea additional



All additional service time will be charged at published rates. Minimum 1 hour billing on site 30 minute minimum in shop. 15 minute billing increments. 15% discount for our Internet Customers.


Computer Support Contract


Odessa Office Equipment - Call 509.982.2181 M-F 9:00am - 3:00pm




Web Hosting only (not web design) is available for $29.95/month.Email only (non internet customers) $25.00/year or $6.00/month.

Additional emails (5 come with internet accounts) $3.00/each.

Domain only $20.00/year

Computer Networking System (IT maintenance and support). Call for more info and prices.

We have a discount for Municipalities (call for more information).




Odessa Office Equipment - P.O. Box 489 - Odessa Wa, 99159 Office hours ~ 9:00am - 3:00pm  (509) 982-2181 Thank you for your business E-Mail