Audio Restoration

This page is dedicated to the restoration of old audio recordings (old records and tapes) and transfer of the cleaned-up audio to CD for preservation.

Old recordings are great -- but they don't do you much good if you can't play them (you no longer have a working tape deck or phonograph), or if the medium is so worn that the sound quality has greatly deteriorated (pops, clicks and scratches on records). And if you made tape recordings of personal or family events or other material without the benefit of noise reduction (Dolby, dbx, etc.), your recordings are apt to have a significant amount of "tape hiss" in the background, underneath any other noise components which may have infested the original audio source.

You may also have a collection of older commercial recordings which have such a small potential audience in today's market that they will likely never be reissued on CD.

Let me reissue your old recordings on CD for you!

I can clean up your old audio and transfer it to CD so that it can again be enjoyed and preserved for the future, often with near-CD sound quality. I can remove almost all tape hiss, and almost all noticeable pops, clicks and scratches from LPs that are in fair or better condition. While old 78s don't clean up quite as well as higher-quality LPs, even there I can greatly enhance the sound quality, and can even improve on the fidelity of the original recordings using dynamic range expansion and parametric equalization. I can also reprocess mono recordings to simulate stereo, which gives them a much more "room-filling" character even though the audio waveform is unchanged.

In the near future I will have some links on this page to "before" and "after" audio samples to give you some idea of what good audio restoration software can do.

Drop me an e-mail if you have old records or tapes that you'd like to re-enjoy. Formats I can handle are 7" (or smaller) reel-to-reel tape; audio cassettes; 33, 45 and 78 rpm records; and VHS and 8 mm (including "Hi-8") videotape audio tracks. Please put the word "audio" somewhere in the subject line of your e-mail so that it comes to me personally.